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In 1960, we were making our first deliveries out of the back of the Tracy family station wagon.

Now, we operate a fleet of over 1,300 trucks out of 12 distribution centers (DC) across the country with the help of 5,800+ employees.

Our growth has allowed us to bring more and more people onto the Dot team. But—despite our growth—job security and safety will never stop being some of our top priorities.

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Zero Layoffs Ever

2018 Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Rate


Carrier Safety Administration (CSA) Crash Score

Job Security: Zero Layoffs in Company History

We’ve been around for over 60 years, and we’ve never laid off a single person. Not once.

We understand the importance of job security and stability. Our 5,800+ employees rely on us so their families can rely on them—so our priority is to keep their jobs safe and secure.

From the beginning, the focus has been on you and the way you deserve to be treated. So we put a lot of effort into creating an environment filled with good people who care about you (our drivers), treat you with respect, and provide you with the job security you’ve been looking for.

trucking company
trucking company


Our corporate incentive and safety recognition programs have encouraged our drivers to be some of the safest on the road. Plus, Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI) is an industry leader when it comes to minimal personal injuries to our drivers.

Dot by the Numbers

As Dot’s transportation subsidiary, DTI has grown right along side Dot Foods. The company’s original “fleet” was the Tracy family station wagon and a 15-year-old Cessna plane that our founder, RT, piloted himself.

Since then, we’ve expanded our fleet to over 1,300 trucks at 12 DC across the country—all maintained in company garages by our own staff of highly trained mechanics.

trucking company
trucking company