Just how rare is it to join the 5 Million Mile Club?

Jan 12, 2023 | 11:04 am

In 2022, driver Dick Kramberg etched his name in the DTI record books by officially joining Dot Transportation’s 5 Million Mile Club where he joined the ranks of such legendary DTI drivers as…

**checks notes**


Dick Kramberg

When Kramberg and his wife, Marilyn, rolled into the Mt. Sterling yard that windy August day, he became the founding member of DTI’s most exclusive driver fraternity. And with the second most traveled active driver yet to cross the 4 million mile barrier (Rick Breneman at an admirable 3.8 million), Dick is going to be holding court solo for quite some time.

How long would it take?

So how long would it take the average driver to accomplish a feat equivalent to ten trips to the moon and back? According to the Federal Highway Commission, the average American driver (non-commercial) drove 14,263 miles in 2022. At this rate, it would take such a driver just over 350 years to turn over 5 million. 

5 million miles sign

Obviously that’s not a fair comparison as pro truckers log way more than that annually. So let’s think about just Kramberg’s peers here at DTI where the average driver runs about 100,000 miles per year. Even at that pace, it would still take a rookie driver half a century before they’re in Dick Kramberg territory–though Dick took a brisk 46 years to reach his own “mile”stone.

How rare is the club at other companies?

Throughout the industry, one million miles is a well-deserved badge of honor reserved for only a handful of drivers. DTI is privileged to have more than 20 percent of our drivers at 1 million miles or more.

But five million? That’s practically unheard of in pro trucking.

In fact, below are some of the biggest trucking companies in America followed by how many of their drivers have EVER crossed 5 million miles:

  • J.B. Hunt – two drivers
  • Walmart – one driver
  • Schneider – two drivers
  • CFI – one driver

So when we say Dick Kramberg is in rare company, it’s no understatement. Thank you, Dick, for your 46 years (and counting!) of service to Dot and best of luck as you continue your journey from behind the wheel!

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