“A Trucker’s Weight Loss Journey” is a three-part video series on truck driver health. Check out part two below. You can find part one and part three on our Driven blog as well.

Healthy Meal Plans for Truck Drivers

Here’s the second part of Idaho Driver Trainer Steve Foster’s weight loss journey, focused on his meal plan. Steve managed to cut his daily food intake down from 3,500 calories. See Steve’s daily diet plan below:


When Steve gets up, he will often turn to oat bran cereal with fruit. For beverages, he’ll have water and then take nutritional supplements.

Mid-Morning Snack

When mid-morning hits, Steve opts for a light snack to keep his energy levels high. Items such as fruit, cheese cubes, a protein bar, and/or a handful of roasted peanuts usually do the trick. He’ll drink water as a zero calorie alternative to soda or juice.


Lunch can be a difficult meal to eat on the road, and fast food options often leave little to be desired. Steve usually goes for unprocessed (no nitrates added) lunch meats and skips the bread. Cheese cubes, baked crackers, and sugar-free soda are his lighter side options.

Mid-Afternoon Snack

Between lunch and dinner, Steve will grab a handful of roasted peanuts, protein bar, fruit or cheese cubes, and/or baked crackers. He’ll wash down the snack with water.


Steve eats dinner no later than 5 p.m. to ensure he’s not eating his largest meal too close to bedtime. His prepared meal (made ahead of time at home) usually consists of 4 ounces of meat (for protein), a serving of veggies, and a starch such as rice, beans, potatoes, etc. For dessert, Steve will choose a sugar-free pudding cup or sugar-free Greek Yogurt with fruit it (often blueberries, raspberries or blackberries). His beverage of choice is either water, soda or both.

If you’re in search of other healthy eating ideas for truck drivers, check out our roundup of the healthiest options at McDonald’s.

What are your best tips for eating healthily while on the road? Let us know!