Written by Deanna Toncray, Executive Administrative Assistant

#MyDotStory | Diana Avila

Meet Diana.

No-Touch Freight Driver.



Carrying on her family’s trucking legacy.

Dot Foods California Driver Diana Avila recently celebrated 20 years driving for Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI) and took time to reflect on family and co-workers who have shown love, provided encouragement, and offered guidance throughout her career.

Above all, Diana gives thanks to God. 

“First, I thank God for blessing me with this job,” Diana said. “I am privileged and honored to have worked 20 years for DTI.”

Family Influence & Support

Diana’s late father influenced her the most to become a driver. 

“My father drove a truck and hauled watermelon and cantaloupes,” she said. “He brought me up tough and challenged me to drive a semi.” 

Once Diana began her driving career at Dot, her husband, Jose Avila (former Dot driver), and five young daughters pitched in to keep things going on the home front so Diana could concentrate on her driving job.

Lessons Learned Over the Years

Diana has learned many things over the years, especially the importance of staying alert, driving defensively, and always communicating

California Assistant Transportation Manager Brenda Carson appreciates the job Diana does for the company. 

“Diana loves her job and considers Dot her family,” said Brenda. “She is always happy to help her fellow drivers and is a pleasure to work with.”

Diana encourages others to consider a driving career if they enjoy driving. 

“Many things in life are a sacrifice, but a Dot career is worth it,” Diana said. “It’s been a good journey, and I’m looking forward to many more years to come.”

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