Written by Megan Greening, Supplier Marketing Specialist

Did you know the Drive for Dot YouTube channel has videos that specifically focus on health and wellness? The videos feature our very own occupational health trainers and their expertise on things like stretching, exercising on the road, and healthy recipes.  Just search “Drive for Dot” on YouTube to find all the great content.


One of the videos features trainer Dominic Scott breaking down stretches to do before starting a shift.  Search “Upper Body Stretches for Drivers & Warehouse Material Handlers” or use the link below to watch. 

Dominic says “If you think about it, the fact that stretching is important for your muscular health makes sense. When you use muscles to pick up a heavy box, they become shorter as they contract during the movement. Stretching is the opposite of contraction and allows the muscle to ‘reset’ and go back to its normal length. This allows increased blood flow and reduced soreness/pain as the tightness in the muscle reduces and stretching will actually increase the rate of muscle growth due to the increase in blood flow.”

Core Exercises

For an introduction to core exercises you can practice in a small space, search “Core Exercises to do on the Road.” This video features trainer Katie Neeley demonstrating the workout with variations for specific fitness levels.  

“Maintaining a healthy core is essential to a pain-free life. Your core is the foundation for the rest of your body to function properly. With a weak core, you put your back, shoulders, hips, and other joints in a compromised position with many different activities such as driving or throwing cases. The exercises shown in the video are a great starting point to help build a strong core, so you can keep doing all of the things you love to do including driving with Dot.”

Did you know? 

Dot has two different YouTube channels for employees to use as resources for their wellness journey. Some of the videos currently available include:

Guided yoga

Relaxation breathing

Body weight circuit workout

Core exercises to do on the road

Back and hip flexor relief

Upper body stretches for drivers and warehouse material handlers

Back workout using your truck

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