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Written by Emery Gronewold and Savannah Riese

In early October 2020, we found out that Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI) was named one of the Top Companies for Women to Work for in Transportation by Women in Trucking’s (WIT) magazine, Redefining the Road.

This award was created in 2018 to “promote the accomplishments of companies that are focused on the employment of women in the trucking industry.”

Duskee Kassing, DTI Director of Operations, shared the below:

“Sheila Moran has stayed closely connected with the Women in Trucking organization. She submitted DTI as an organization who cares about all genders in the industry including females. DTI takes care to engage and listen to females in our organization to ensure we are actively working to bridge any gaps we can. It is not a surprise that our female drivers face challenges in a predominantly male industry that are unique to that position. DTI takes the position that we want to work with our female drivers to make life on the road as simple and easy as it can be; help with the things we are able, this starts with training and carries through as we work to train, grow, and promote females to a driver trainer position. We continue to see females in our fleet increase, and we are excited for our female road warriors to grow to even higher numbers.”

“According to Brian Everett, publisher of Redefining the Road, there are several key features that distinguish companies recognized on this list,” said a WIT press release.

“Including: corporate cultures that foster gender diversity; competitive compensation and benefits; flexible hours and work requirements; professional development opportunities; and career advancement opportunities.”

“This is the third year for this award, which is largely driven by the marketplace,” said Everett. 

“The sheer number of individuals in the industry who participated in the process underscores the importance practitioners in the industry place on this award.” 

According to the WIT press release, more than 13,000 votes were cast to choose the companies named this year. DTI is honored to be listed, as we continue to strive for excellence and improvement in our work environment every day

WIT Top Employer Criteria

The goal of the award is to “highlight companies in the industry that are friendly for women in BOTH driver and professional capacities.”

All of the companies who were chosen to be included in the poll have the following benefits and programs for their employees:

  • Corporate culture that’s supportive of gender diversity
  • Flexibility in hours and work requirements
  • Competitive compensation
  • Quality benefits (i.e., paid maternity leave)
  • Training, continued education and development
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Well-maintained/safe equipment & facilities for drivers
  • Other factors

A Top Trucking Company to Work For

DTI is proud to be recognized as a great workplace for women that focuses on diversity, flexibility, competitive pay, and company stability


Earlier in 2019, Dot was recognized by the St. Louis Business Journal for our efforts towards diversity and inclusion. For us, it’s all a part of the Dot Experience and continues to be one of our primary business goals. 


Truck driving can be a great career, but we also know that being on the road all the time can get crazy. You still want to get home and have a life. DTI prides itself on the home time we provide our drivers. We guarantee our drivers will be home at least two days per week—but we also offer other driver schedule types that allow for more consistent home time.

Competitive Pay

You’ve got bills to pay, food that needs to be put on the table, and a roof you need to keep over your head. We get that. So we are proud to offer all Dot employees across the country equal and competitive pay. Plus, we pay our drivers for more than just their mileage—ensuring you are getting paid for every part of the job. 


In our 60-year history, Dot has never had a layoff—and we’re proud of that. We understand that our 5,800+ employees have families at home and need their jobs to remain safe and secure. We continuously prioritize job security and stability and keep the focus on YOU—our employees. 

Overall, we are honored to be recognized by WIT for our diversity and inclusion efforts. Creating a safe and developmental space for women to work in transportation is essential to all of us at DTI, and we are grateful to be acknowledged by an industry leader for our initiatives.

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