Written by Roger H. Still, Assistant Transportation Manager

In 1984, his junior year of high school, Terry joined the Oklahoma National Guard as a motor transport operator in the then 64C/now 88M career field. He joined the Army Guard hoping to find a career and to help with funding college later. That following summer, before his senior year, Terry left for Fort Dix in New Jersey where he spent 10 weeks going through Basic Combat Training. Upon graduation from high school, he went to Fort Dix to complete seven weeks of Advanced Individual Training.  

Terry shares that he is grateful for his time in the service. “It instilled in me a sense of discipline and the initiative to try—you can achieve whatever you set your mind to,” said Terry. 

Terry explained that his time of service developed other skills like attention to detail, patience, and punctuality. It also provided him with specialized skills and training in everything from land navigation to marksmanship to specialized vehicle driving.

Terry’s Military Experience

Terry first deployed with the Oklahoma National Guard to Exercise Campaign Reforger (from return of forces to Germany) Reforger 86 – “Certain Sentinel.” It was an annual exercise and campaign conducted during the Cold War by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The task was intended to ensure that NATO could quickly deploy forces to West Germany in the event of a conflict with the Warsaw Pact. It was after this experience that Terry decided to transition into the active-duty Army and, in the summer of 1986, was reassigned to Ferris Barracks as part of the First Armored Division in Erlangen, Germany. 

While in Germany, Terry learned the art of transporting heavy equipment. He had to move the 140,000-pound M88A2 Recovery Vehicle that was used to move damaged Abrams Tanks and other associated heavy equipment to forward operating locations. He was challenged by the terrain in that part of the world, as he had to utilize tank trails and one-lane gravel roads through mountains and small villages throughout the German countryside. This unique experience helped him develop outstanding defensive driving skills that flowed naturally into his CDL training and Smith Systems defensive driving.

Terry’s most memorable time in the service was when he was exploring Germany and visiting most of its regions. He also was in Germany when the Berlin Wall fell—this was significant for him since he had visited it not too long before it fell.

In 1989, Terry was reassigned to the 8th Ordinance 82nd Airborne Division in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and then transitioned out of the Army in 1990. Terry went immediately to truck driving and, over the next 16 years, served as a truck driver in many capacities. He was an owner-operator, company driver, and the director of training of the Ardmore Truck Driving School before he joined Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI). In June of 2006, Terry joined the Dot family as a Customer Delivery Specialist at Dot Foods Oklahoma. It didn’t take long for Terry to get acquainted with Dot, and in just a couple years, Terry became a driver trainer.  

The Dot Experience

Terry shares that Dot has been an excellent fit for him over his 13 years of service. It has a great training program, “the best paying truck driving job I have ever had,” outstanding benefits, a good work/life balance, and lots of variety in his work. He enjoys the sense of family he has found in Dot/DTI, explaining the environment as one “where everyone treats everyone they meet like family.”

Terry Polzien

Oklahoma Driver Trainer, Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI)

Terry has been driving for over 34 years with just over 4 million miles total and over 1 million safe miles with DTI. He lives with his wife, Misty, in Ardmore, Oklahoma, not very far from the Ardmore distribution center (DC). They have two children, a daughter, Amanda, who is a registered nurse at Mercy Hospital in Ardmore, and their almost-16-year-old son, Jessie, who attends Dickson High School in Ardmore. Terry enjoys time with family, hunting, and fishing as time allows.  

From everyone at Dot Foods and DTI – Thank you to all our great veterans for your service to our country!

Dot Foods and Dot Transportation are fortunate to employ veterans in all areas of our business. We want to recognize their service and sacrifice—and that of all members of the military everywhere.

Paul Mugerditchian

President of Dot Transportation

What We Offer to Veteran Drivers

Veteran Employee Resource Group
Dot provides veteran drivers the chance to participate in the Veteran Employee Resource Group (VERG) to help recruit, retain, and improve our opportunities for veterans. This group not only helps our employees but also conducts community service in our surrounding communities to support veterans.
Army PaYS Program
One of our goals is to help veterans transition from their military service to a fulfilling driving career. We work with the Army PaYS program—which guarantees a job interview for veterans—and with Army transition offices in the U.S. to recruit transitioning personnel.
VA-Approved Apprenticeship
Many of our veteran drivers have come to us through a VA-approved apprenticeship.
Illinois Hires Heroes Consortium
We have also hired many veterans at our Mt. Sterling and University Park locations through the Illinois Hires Heroes Consortium.

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From Our Veterans

“In the military, you’ve got your leaders and good leaders care for their subordinates. And here at Dot, I’ve felt like I’m part of a family.”
Driver Warren Freeman

Army 1992-2018

“Dot’s been great to me and my family. I get home when I need to be. They’re really flexible with me. It just shows you how much they care about their people—veterans included.”
Driver Adam McKinney

Army 1999-2011

“The Core Values from the Army are loyalty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. In my eyes, all of these have a relation to how Dot operates every single day.”
Driver Robby Case

Army 2003-2017

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