Written by Adam Hancox, Supply Chain Analyst

Looking to make some extra money? Wanting to take your family on vacation? How about that new TV? Maybe it’s time to start on that summer pool? Dot’s driver referral bonus can help you get there!

Dot is looking to hire drivers and wants to reward you for your help. Referring new candidates is a great way to get someone’s foot in the door, help grow the Dot family, and potentially earn yourself cash if a hire is made. The process is simple and open to any employee.

Have a candidate in mind?

Simply have the candidate fill out an application and use your name (or a current employee’s name) as the referral on the application itself. No other work is needed! If the candidate is hired, the referring employee receives a bonus.

If you’re out on the road and meet a driver who’d be a great fit at Dot, you can have them visit DriveForDot.com/refer and our recruiting team will get in touch with them.

What if the candidate is not hired?

Not a problem at all. We understand that not every candidate will be a perfect fit for Dot. An unsuccessful referral has no bearing on a current employee.

How does the referral bonus work?

Driver referral bonuses vary by distribution center (DC). Each location sets the applicant’s experience level, bonus amount, and timing of payout. To find out about the amount for a referral bonus at each DC, please see your manager or HR manager. Also, be sure to ask about referrals for positions other than drivers (warehouse, maintenance, sales, etc.)

By working together to add to Dot’s family, we can further aid in the growth of the company.

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