Here is what some Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI) drivers had to say about wearing masks.

“Being an essential worker and on the front lines being exposed, wearing a mask is essential to avoid bringing it home. It doesn’t affect me too much, only when I forget it in the truck and have to go back and get it.” Jorge Escobar, California Customer Delivery Specialist (CDS)

“Diligently following guidelines to keep me and my teammates safe!” JD Hall, Chicago CDS

Idaho CDS Chad Roberts said that he likes to go with the bandana style mask because it goes with his theme. He says, “You gotta keep in style!”

“Wearing a mask does not affect me as a driver. It puts me at peace that when I am out in public on customers’ docks, I’m not bringing it home to my family or infecting others. Our family has adapted to wearing them and insist on wearing masks when out in public.” Bal Moundi, California CDS

“I don’t go anywhere without a mask—Walmart, grocery store, or truck stop. I wear it everywhere I go. I don’t plan to get sick or get anyone else sick.” Blane Hampton, Tennessee Transfer Driver

Maryland No-Touch Team Driver Tim Row wears his Darth Vader mask for safety!

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