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Our best-in-the-industry paid-time-off (PTO) package just got even better!

Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI) announced its updated pay changes for 2021 in February. Among them were increased PTO benefits for personal, sick, holiday, and bereavement time—making DTI’s best-in-class benefits package even better. The 2021 pay changes resulted in an average $2,500 salary increase for our drivers.

PTO Pay Updates

DTI increased its daily rate for PTO per day for personal, sick, holiday, and bereavement time used.

Paid Holidays
All Dot Foods and DTI employees are paid for eight holidays throughout the year—starting on day one.

The holidays Dot pays employees for are:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Easter
  • Memorial Day
  • U.S. Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
Personal Time
All full-time DTI employees are entitled to 16 to 24 hours of personal time per calendar year, depending on their job type. During the calendar year in which you start at DTI, you will receive a prorated amount of personal time. All drivers must complete 90 days of full-time service before they can use any personal time. 

PTO varies slightly depending on your driver job type. Please see your HR manager for more details.

Sick Days
Full-time drivers are also eligible for 40 paid sick hours per year. Sick time during your first year is structured the same way personal time is—it is prorated based on your start day. You must also be driving for Dot for 90 days before you can use sick time.

If there is a death in your immediate family, full-time drivers are eligible to be paid PTO up to four days. This benefit time can be used from the date of the death up to and including the day after the funeral. Employees can use vacation or personal time for additional needed time off.

What about vacation time?
Vacation time with DTI is structured differently than PTO time. Paid vacation kicks in after six months of employment with Dot with one week of vacation time.

Other Things You Want to Know About the 2021 DTI Pay Increases

Similar to other transportation companies, the pay structure at DTI can be complicated. But, unlike other carriers, we pay you for every part of the job. Overall, DTI’s pay changes in 2021 resulted in an average $2,500 salary increase for our drivers—with our mileage increase contributing to about 50 percent of that average salary increase.

This means that, even after one of the most challenging years in our industry’s history, we were able to increase our professional driver pay, on average, by 3 percent. This is on top of the 3 percent profit-sharing bonus all Dot employees will receive in their 401(k) retirement accounts in March 2021.

Dot always strives to get you the miles you need, but we also understand the importance of supplemental benefits. Drive for Dot and you’ll find the miles, the pay, the benefits, and the respect you’ve been looking for.

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