Written by Rebekah McNeff, Digital Marketing Assistant

What’s the Buzz?

For most people, getting more honey is as simple as adding it to their cart at the grocery store. For Mark Miller, California Customer Delivery Specialist (CDS), honey has a different meaning.

Where the Buzz Started

Mark was looking for a new hobby while he was off of work to have surgery. He had always had an interest in beekeeping and decided to purchase two hives. Two hives quickly turned into 26.

“It’s therapeutic to get into the hives and check on them,” Mark said.

He checks his hives every day he has off during the summer months. In the winter, the hives are winterized and require less maintenance. 

About the Hives

A smaller hive has around 20,000 bees in it, and a larger hive has around 50,000 bees in it. Every bee in the hive has a specific assignment. For example, there are drone bees, worker bees, mortuary bees, and more. Every hive has one queen, though. The hives are still new, so Mark let the bees keep their honey for the winter. In the future, he plans to purchase a honey spinner and process the honey.

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