Earn the great pay you deserve when you drive for Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI). 

DTI announced to its drivers this week that their mileage pay would be increasing by 3¢ per mile fleet-wide—a 6 percent increase in mileage pay. This is DTI’s second pay increase since the start of 2021, meaning our drivers’ mileage rate has gone up 11 percent since the start of the year. 

This new increase means Dot drivers can take home up to an extra $4,700 this year! 

“Our drivers are the best out there, and this is one way we show our appreciation for the work they do every day out on the road and on our customers’ docks,” said Bryan Langston, DTI President. “This is a challenging job. Our drivers work hard and play a critical role in our business. DTI is committed to making sure we’re providing the best pay and benefits possible. It’s something we’re always monitoring, and while we typically make annual adjustments, this year we’ve done two pay increases, because our drivers deserve it.”

Dot Transportation’s Pay Structure

When you’re a driver with DTI, you’ll benefit from our activity-based pay system. This type of pay structure sets us apart from other trucking companies and puts an emphasis on the value you bring to the job. Drive for DTI and you’ll be paid for every part of the job—ranging from mileage to stops and pickups, deliveries and layovers, detentions and drop and hook, and more!

On average, DTI’s traditional delivery drivers make $92K annually. DTI no-touch drivers average $84K. 

Plus, since DTI is the affiliated trucking company to Dot Foods, drivers are also a part of Dot Foods’ companywide bonus program. This makes drivers eligible for both quarterly and annual bonuses.

To top it all off, DTI offers best-in-class benefits to keep you and your loved ones covered and cared for.

We’re Growing, So We’re Hiring

We’re gearing up for a busy second half of 2021 as the country re-emerges from pandemic lockdowns. Because of this, we’re hiring a lot this summer as we prepare to meet increased summer and fall demand.

Some of Dot’s largest customers are a part of the restaurant industry and the education sector. Since those parts of our economy are rebounding, the demand for food-related products is increasing rapidly. That skyrocketing demand explains our need for additional employees.

“We’re growing our driver workforce by more than 10 percent across the country this year,” Langston said. “We have excellent career opportunities to offer. We know pay and benefits are major factors in picking a carrier you want to work for, since they have a huge impact on drivers’ lives and those of their families. At DTI, we’re going to take care of you on pay and benefits. And we go beyond that with a team of people and a culture that values and supports you every step of the way. “

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