2021 was an exciting year for Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI) as they unveiled not one, but two, new trailer wraps—all custom designed by Graphic Designer Yvette Seal. The first new trailer hit the road in August 2021 and was meant to help spread the word that Dot Foods and DTI are hiring. The second trailer was unveiled at a driver appreciation event in Mt. Sterling to honor and thank DTI’s 1,600 drivers.

The driver appreciation and now hiring trailers are the newest of DTI’s custom trailer designs. They joined rank with our four military-themed veteran appreciation trailers, as well as Dot’s custom 50th-anniversary trailer that is still touring the country almost 12 years later.

Now Hiring

Whether you’re reading or watching the news, chatting with your co-workers, or inquiring about your favorite products at your local food store, you’re probably hearing about are the labor shortages; especially the driver shortage that has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Dot Branding & Creative Services team has been purchasing and designing billboards across the country to place ads encouraging people to apply. Then, it dawned on them and our centralized recruiting team that our trailers are a rolling billboard for the Dot brand—so why not turn one of our trailers into a literal billboard?

The now hiring trailer is making its rounds across the country and hopefully aiding in increasing driver and warehouse applications.

Dot Foods Trailer Wraps
Dot Foods Trailer Wraps

Thank You, Dot Drivers

Just like many other carriers and transportation companies, DTI is coming off two of its most challenging years in company history. Because of the dedication and commitment our drivers have shown, DTI decided there was no better time than the present to reveal a custom-designed trailer that says “thank you” to our drivers.

“The incredible achievements of DTI’s drivers are included in the trailer’s design,” explained Corporate Communications Manager Emily Waterman. “Four of the fleet’s drivers have logged more than 4 million miles of driving; 33 drivers have logged over 3 million miles; 92 drivers have reached 2 million plus miles of driving, and 454 drivers have logged 1 million miles.”

“Those mileage totals are a testament to the skill and professionalism all of our drivers bring to work each day,” said Bryan Langston, DTI President, at the unveiling event on December 1, 2021. “We are proud to recognize our drivers with this trailer… DTI has the best drivers out there, who all play a critical role in keeping our country fed.”

This appreciation trailer is currently on a tour of all 12 distribution centers (DC). If you see it in the lot, we’d love for you to take a photo and share it with us in the Dot App or on social media.

DTI Trailer
DTI Trailer