Being a professional truck driver means serious business. But, what a lot of people don’t realize is many options come with the profession. What kinds of products do you want to haul? What types of trailers? How do you want your schedule to look? Are you more interested in over-the-road (OTR) trucking, local driving, or something more in the middle, like being a regional driver Do you want to touch freight or not?  This tends to be the big question for a lot of drivers. One of the most commonly asked questions with drivers who are interested in Dot is “what is the difference between being a ‘no-touch’ driver or a ‘delivery’ driver?” So, we’re here today to break it all down for you.

Delivery Driver

As a delivery driver at Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI), your time is divided between being behind the wheel of your truck, unloading freight at customers’ docks, and picking up products to bring back to a Dot warehouse. As a delivery driver, you get access to all of DTI’s unique scheduling options, including a traditional schedule; four days on, four days off; six days on, three days off; and more.

touching freight
touching freight

No-Touch Driver

As a no-touch driver, you’ll spend all of your time behind the wheel, taking products to one of our company terminals, meeting another driver at one of our turn points, or delivering loads to customers that don’t require you to unload the trailer. Even though you don’t have to touch any product, you will still have to bump docks and pick up loads from suppliers (but don’t worry, you get paid for it—and you still don’t have to touch the freight). You can be a no-touch driver and still get the benefits of our variety of schedule options. Our no-touch positions are available with the following schedules: traditional, four days on, four days off; or six days on, three days off.

What You Get Out of Both Positions

Whether you are a no-touch driver or a delivery driver with DTI, you will get:

  1. Full-time miles 
  2. Full-time benefits worth more than $22K
  3. Flexible schedule options
  4. Job stability
  5. Career growth
touching freight

Overall, no matter which driver type you pick at DTI, you will get the full Dot Experience.

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Should You be a Delivery or No-Touch Driver with Dot Transportation?

Answer each question and count how many A’s and B’s you get. Reveal your answer at the end.

I consider myself to be a "people person."

A: Heck yes!

B: Not really.

Interacting with customers is the best part of being a truck driver.

A: Yes, definitely!

B: Absolutely not. 

I enjoy touching freight.

A: Yes!

B: No, thanks.

I would be more willing to touch freight if I got paid for it.

A: Heck yes!

B: Still not interested.


If you answered mostly A’s: You would be a good fit for the DTI delivery driving job! You enjoy interacting with customers, you don’t mind touching freight (especially if you get paid for it), and you’re looking to bring home a bigger paycheck.

If you answered mostly B’s: You’re a perfect candidate for our no-touch driving job! You prefer to spend more of your time behind the wheel and would rather meet other drivers at turn points than unload freight at a customer’s dock.

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