Driving jobs are competitive. Logistics and trucking companies are knocking at your door, but if you’re considering a change, here are some driving job hunting tips to get you started.

Think About Your Values

What is that drives you? The most important part of your job search is knowing where your priorities lie. Are you looking for a truck driver lifestyle where you’re home a few nights a week, or are you focused on the pay? Maybe you want to be treated with respect. Whatever the case may be, being honest about your values is going to start you down the road to the driving jobs that fit your lifestyle.

Do Your Research

Clint Bland, Senior Transportation Manager at Dot Transportation says, “Research the company. Read reviews, talk to their drivers, and learn as much as you can before making the decision.”

Understanding what a company can offer you like pay, truck driving benefits and culture will help you along your path to choosing the right job.

Use Your Resources

Look at the resources you have that can put you in touch with great places to drive. Driving schools, recruiters, and community organizations like the VA are all there to help you —don’t be afraid to take advantage.

Get Endorsed

Preparation is key. Consider the types of endorsements and certifications you may need like hazmat or tanker endorsements. Plus get endorsed by your peers — reach out to fellow drivers or coworkers who are willing to be a reference for you when you apply.

Narrow Your Search

Now that you’ve done your research and have prepared, it’s time to cut the list of options down to the top few. Don’t forget to consider your values and weigh all of your options. It’s likely that there’s a handful of companies that can make it worth your time to apply, but pick your top three or four.

Make the Jump, but Don’t Settle

Apply! It’s that easy! Just remember that you’re in the driver’s seat and shouldn’t just settle for the next signing bonus.

“Have a short-term and long-term plan and be committed to achieving it,” says Maryland Transportation Director Dave Hess. Look for a company that is going to treat you right, appreciate your hard work, and make you want to stay for the long haul.

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Best of luck in your job search! If you’re interested in learning more about what Dot Transportation can do for you, check out our jobs at DriveForDot.com.