Ever wondered what it’s like to drive for Dot? Let a couple of our drivers tell you themselves!

While they are both Class A CDL regional company drivers for Dot, Susan and Jonathon have very different truck driver schedules and job types. Check out what they love about their jobs, and see if one of these job types is for you!

Meet Susan, a Regional Company No-Touch Driver

Susan is a no-touch Class A CDL driver. This means it’s a driving-only job, taking deliveries between Dot distribution centers and terminals. It may also mean taking loads to customers, but you’ll never have to unload the trailer. 

“I don’t handle the product. I just transport the product from one location to the next,” Susan says. “I usually meet up with another driver and transfer the trailer to that person. They usually have a trailer for me to bring back.”

Trucker home time is one of our top priorities. You may work 2-3 nights at a time, 4 days on/4 days off, or 6 days on/3 days off. There are options that work for every individual. 

Meet Jonathon, a Regional Company Delivery Drive

Jonathon is a Class A CDL delivery driver, spending time behind the wheel, unloading deliveries at our customers’ locations, and picking up from our suppliers.

“I arrive at the customer, break down their loads. I’d say an average is anywhere between 30,000-40,000 pounds per trailer,” Jonathon says. “It’s hard work but I enjoy it. It makes me feel like I’ve done something.” 

Regional delivery drivers have the same schedule options as no-touch drivers. Jonathon does the 4 on/4 off schedule. 

“Basically, I work for four days and then have four days off,” Jonathon says. “It just creates a good balance for me. I’m on the road then I have my home time with my family.” 

The Benefits of Driving For Dot

In addition to Susan and Jonathon’s job types, Dot drivers can be Class A CDL Team Company Drivers or do a 4×3 Flip (working a schedule of 4 days on/3 days off one week and then 3 days on/4 days off the next).

Truck driver salary at Dot is competitive. In their first years, experienced drivers can earn $75,000 more and student drivers can earn $63,000 or more. After the first year, drivers average roughly $80,000 per year.

Susan and Jonathon acknowledge that the road is not always easy.

“If you’re not prepared, you’re not going to last very long,” Jonathon says.

However, the freedom, the benefits and the flexibility make driving for Dot the best career choice you’ll make. 

“I love being out on the open road,” Susan says. “I love my independence, and I appreciate that Dot creates structure for me so that I can be out on the road.”

Are you looking for a career change? Dot Transportation has truck driving jobs that fit your particular set of needs and preferences! Check out our job postings and contact us if you have any questions