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Written by Katie Behrens, Occupational Health Trainer Manager 

If you haven’t already returned from furlough or vacation, a great first step would be increasing your activity level to match your future work demands. Some easy things to do around the house would be body weight activities like walking your stairs, riding a bike, going for walks in your neighborhood, or a series of core activities. See a few options below!

Plank: Can be done on your elbow or hands. Attempt to hold this position for a minimum of 30 seconds, and repeat three times. During this activity, your shoulders back and legs should be in a straight line. Engage your core and breath throughout the hold.

Push-Up: Hand placement should be just wider than the shoulders. Focus on keeping shoulders, back, and legs in a straight line throughout the whole movement. Start with attempting five to 10 push-ups, repeat this activity three times. As this gets easier, increase the number of push-ups in each set!

Bicycle Crunches: Laying flat on the ground, place both hands behind your head. While engaging your abdominals, pull your right arm towards your left knee. Then relax, and repeat with the left arm coming up and across your body to touch the right knee. Start with attempting 10 repetitions on each side and increase as needed.

Once back on the road, it’s extremely important to hydrate while driving, stretch during designated stops, and warm up if breaking down a load. Keep multiple bottles of water in your truck and pack healthy snacks like apples, granola bars, and trail mix to keep your body fueled up in between stops.  

See a few basic stretches below to try while getting back into the swing of things!

Static Stretches:

Stretches with Movement:

For more information about exercises that can be done in the truck, reach out to your designated occupational health trainer at your location for more information on the Drive Into Fitness Program!

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