Our Dot (Love) Story: Tony and Jody Prewitt

Feb 14, 2023 | 8:00 am

“Marriage is a journey and not a destination.”


This sweet and romantic metaphor–a common favorite of everyone from wedding officiants to Etsy crafters–is all too accurate for Tony and Jody Prewitt of Burley, Idaho…or “Team Prewitt” as they’re known here at Dot Transportation.


Married for 32 years and sharing a DTI cab for the past eight, Tony and Jody’s team driving adventures have spanned 33 states and more than 2 million safe miles.

“It has been great embracing this journey together as best friends,” Tony says.

“Our life is full of many blessings and stories and we are truly blessed to work with such good people,” adds Jody.

In order for any driving team to be successful, both drivers must be fully committed and place complete trust in one another. No problem at all for the Prewitts who describe their relationship as a “modern day fairy tale”–one that began a bit unconventionally.

Jody and Tony first met in 1989 after Tony returned home following his first overseas tour in the US Army. At first sight, Tony knew he had found the girl he was going to marry. Almost immediately, the two became close friends, but nothing more at first (Jody even tried setting Tony up with her sister at one point).

After two and a half years as best friends, without so much as a first kiss or first official date, Tony asked Jody to marry him. Without hesitation, Jody agreed and the two were married on June 24, 1991.

“Crazy we never even dated or even kissed and she said yes,” Tony recalls. “After 32 years, our love story continues with two children and five grandchildren.”

Prewitt Family

 Though sharing close quarters with anyone–let alone a spouse–may bring about certain unique challenges, Jody credits their successful professional and personal journey to three key elements.

“Our relationship requires dedication, effort, and forgiveness,” Jody says. “If you think of the other person first, you can make it through anything…even driving a truck together.”

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