On Monday, October 19, 2020, Dot Food is launching the Dot App to all employees companywide. We are looking forward to bringing information directly to your mobile device and delivering what you want, when you want it

As a Dot driver, you spend most of your time away from Dot’s locations. But today, staying connected is more important than ever. We want to make sure you are getting the information you need, as well as the information you want, when and where you want to see it—on your mobile device.

1. Stay Connected 24/7—When it’s Convenient for You

Staying connected while on the road can be difficult, but important. Not only is it important for your mental health to stay connected with your family, but it is also key to stay informed about company happenings.

The Dot App will give you the opportunity to check up on Dot updates and what your teammates across the country are doing at the times that are convenient for you. Taking your 30-minute break? Hop on the Dot App to see what’s happening. In your off-duty period? Snap a picture of your truck and let other Dot driver’s know what your 20 is by posting in the Behind the Wheel channel. 

2. It’s as easy to use as your favorite social media channel

Are you an active Facebook user? How about Instagram? Maybe Reddit?

Long story short, if you’re on any social media platform, you’ll be able to post in the Dot App. 

Not active on social media? Don’t sweat it. The App is meant to be user-friendly and intuitive. Plus, there will be tutorial videos once you download the App to show you how to make the most of your experience! 

3. Okta = one and done! 

We know Okta isn’t everyone’s favorite thing. Thankfully, with the Dot app, you only have to log in ONCE via Okta. After your initial login, you’ll be able to use your fingerprint, facial recognition, or other security features your cell phone uses to log in, in the future. 

4. Be informed and in the know

Bonus announcement, COVID updates, birth announcements, employee recognition, and more—be the first to know with the Dot App. Get the inside scoop on what’s going on at your Dot location and get connected with your colleagues at all Dot locations. 

5. Don’t want FOMO? Download the Dot App on 10/19

Want to know what your teammates are talking about? Ready to be the first to hear the latest news at your location? Be sure to mark your calendar for Monday, October 19, 2020. That’s when you’ll be invited to download and register for the Dot App!

You won’t want to miss this.

What can you expect from the Dot App?