You read, we listened. 

These are the top seven most-read blog posts of 2019 from the Driven Blog with Drive for Dot. Did you miss one? We compiled a list here just for you. 

You consumed a lot of information with us this year—along with some great employee spotlights and stories.

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1. Stable, Reputable, Growing—Why You Should Drive for Dot

At Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI), we take pride in the stability we offer our employees and their families. Since Dot Foods’ founding in 1960 and DTI’s founding in 1990, we have never had a layoff. Not once. Almost 30 years later, DTI is still running strong and has become the largest food industry redistributor in North America. With consistent annual growth and constant development, driving for Dot gives you the opportunity to build a career—not just have a job.

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2. Truck Driver Pay at Dot: 9 Things You Need to Know

Ensuring you are taken care of and knowing you are secure in your job is always top-of-mind at DTI. We know the job market is competitive. We know that other employers are showing you what they have to offer. We know you are being bombarded by messages about why one company is better than another.

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3. 4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Truck Driving for Your Summer Job

It has become common for people, like teachers, professors, or students, to look for summer work. More and more people in those occupations are starting to look to truck driving as their summer side hustle.

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4. Driver Types at Dot Transportation

The most frequently-asked question HR coordinators at Dot get when talking to potential drivers is: “What’s the home time like?” That is a loaded question with a pretty lengthy answer. So, we figured creating a blog post that outlines all of our driver schedule options would be a great way to get you the information you want to know.

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5. The 6 Phases of Training with DTI

Many people dread the first couple of weeks on their new job. Why? Because it involves change, new surroundings, and new things to get used to. But we get it—starting a new job is stressful. So our goal is to make you feel as comfortable and safe as possible when taking the next step in your career.

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6. #MyDotStory | Woody

Meet Woody. 4×4 Driver. Athlete. Automobile Aficionado. This is his #MyDotStory.

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7. 6 Steps to Becoming a Truck Driver

So, you want to be a truck driver. Congrats! Becoming a truck driver can be an exciting and rewarding career move. But, before you dive in and fully commit to this adventure, there are some things you should know and do before you can get behind the wheel of a semi-truck.

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