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At Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI), we don’t sugar-coat things. Being a professional truck driver is hard work and we get that switching jobs can be a hassle. But once you start driving for DTI, you’ll realize it was a job change that was worth the effort. Drive with us and you’ll discover a seemingly unlimited number of short– and long-term benefits from being on our team. Some of those benefits include:


1. Weekly Hometime

We know the most important parts of your life happen when you’re at home. For that reason, we get our drivers home weekly so they can stay family-focused and do what they love to do outside of work.

2. Pay for EVERY Part of the Job

At Dot, we want to make sure every employee feels taken care of. Plus, we know that truck driving is hard work—so we prioritize paying you well, fairly, and for every part of the job through activity-based pay. Our pay structure looks different from other transportation companies, but it’s what sets us apart and shows our appreciation for every task you complete on the road.

In 2019, our full-time Dot delivery drivers averaged $92K and our full-time no-touch drivers averaged $84K. Those numbers are no joke. Our drivers averaged that much because we paid them for more than just their miles. Making a stop or doing a pickup? You get paid for that. Have a layover? We’ll pay you. Drop and hook? Yup, that too. Decide you want to be a delivery driver and touch freight? You’ll get paid for that, too.

Dot drivers also get quarterly and annual bonuses, holiday pay, sick days, vacation time, and personal days. Not to mention the incentive-based pay our different locations have to offer based on location-specific goals.

3. Schedule & Job Options to Fit Your Lifestyle

DTI prides itself on providing flexible schedule options to our drivers. Whether you want to touch freight or not; whether you want to be home four days and then on the road for four days or run a more traditional regional schedule, we can get you there.

4. Best-in-Class Benefits

At Dot Foods and Dot Transportation, the health and safety of our employees is our #1 priority. Because of that business priority, we provide $22K-worth of physical, mental, and financial health benefits to keep our employees covered and protected. You can learn more about our benefits plans and everything we have to offer here.

5. Outstanding Equipment + In-House Garage Team

Innovative Equipment

We pride ourselves on our drivers driving some of the best equipment on the road. We have a dedicated team of trucking equipment experts who are focused on keeping our fleet top-notch and innovative. As of April 2021, DTI has three types of trucks in our fleet—Volvo, Peterbilt, and Freightliner; all of which are automatic. We have over 1,500 trucks and approximately 2,500 trailers. 

Experts at Every DC Garage

Drive for Dot and never have to worry about an extreme delay while waiting for someone to come out and fix your truck ever again. At every distribution center (DC) location, Dot has an in-house garage team filled with truck experts. They work tirelessly to keep our trucks in the best shape so Dot drivers are safe out on the road.

6. A Company Founded & Focused on Respect

When RT and Dorothy founded Dot Foods in 1960, they ran their business by following the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you would want to be treated. Today, those same values of respect, honesty, teamwork, accountability, and family continues to ring true.

7. History of Growth & Innovation

Since our parent company, Dot Foods, was founded in 1960 and since we were founded in 1991, we’ve grown from one man and his red station wagon to over 6,000 employees and a fleet of over 1,700 drivers. To top it all off, we made over $8 billion in profits in 2019. 

Dot and DTI employees are a critical part of our companies’ histories of growth. Without our company drivers, we wouldn’t be able to serve our customers or our communities that are located in all corners of North America. Plus, with our strategically located DC and terminal locations, we can offer regional truck driving jobs to all of our drivers—meaning we can guarantee weekly home time, innovative schedule types, and more work/life balance for all employees.

Recently, we’ve started renovations on our Mt. Sterling drivers lounge, introduced a new and improved weigh station tool to reduce wait times at the scales, and added new amenities to our Kansas City terminal. Plus, there are plans for more exciting renovations, the addition of more terminals, the building of Family Health Centers (FHC) at all Dot DC locations, the incorporation of automation in our warehouses, and more!

8. Unwavering Job Stability

Thanks to our history of innovation and growth, we’ve never had to lay off a single employee—not even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Like other carriers, our volume plummeted in March and April of 2020. But we figured out new ways to keep our drivers on the road, like taking on more custom hauls to help out other areas of the foodservice industry who were seeing spikes in demand.

This kind of innovative thinking has allowed us to deliver job stability year after year since 1960. Our goal is always to put our employees first—not only with compensation and benefits, but also with our business strategy, future plans, and new initiatives.

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Driving for Dot Transportation is a job change that’s worth the effort. Drive with us and you’ll reap the short– and long-term benefits of joining our team.