As truck drivers Looking for some truck driver apps to make life easier on and off the road? We have a few great suggestions.


Apps such as FleetSafer and LifeSaver automatically detect driving status and encourage truck drivers to implement safe practices. The iPhone’s “Do Not Disturb While Driving” feature is also a great one for truck drivers to ensure they do not get distracted.

Weather apps like Accuweather can also help keep you safe by providing up-to-date information and notifications about weather conditions that could affect your drive.


Trucker Tools calls itself the “ultimate app for truckers on the road.” It offers tools and features that help drivers manage every aspect of their drive time. See fuel prices in real time and locate truck stops, weigh scales, rest stops and truck washes. You can also view traffic and weather information.

Navigation apps — i.e. Google Maps and Waze — provide real-time traffic data and directions that help ensure a smooth and efficient journey.


Health apps have become increasingly popular, especially amongst truck drivers who often find it challenging to stay healthy on the road. Try out MyFitnessPal or Lose It, which can both help you track calories and other nutrients and log activities. You can also join communities on the apps to hold you accountable and learn about new ideas on how to stay healthy.


Fuelbook helps professional drivers find the best diesel prices across the country. It also can help locate truck stops and parking locations.

GasBuddy helps locate the cheapest gas prices and can even help drivers earn free gas through special offers.


Video apps, including FaceTime and Skype, have helped drivers who spend long periods of time on the road connect with loved ones.

Having trouble sleeping when you’re away from home? Relax Melodies is a great app full of sleep sounds that will be sure to get you dreaming in no time.


There is no shortage of entertainment options you can download to a phone or tablet. Social media has been especially useful to stay connected with friends and family while on the road.

Video streaming — from YouTube to Netflix and Hulu — allows drivers to watch their favorite shows from anywhere. Audio books can greatly help pass the time, and there are so many music and podcast apps that help you stay entertained on the road as well.

Love staying up to date on your favorite teams? The Bleacher Report app is your go-to!

In this day and age, your phones, tablets, and computers can serve as a lifeline while on the road — whether for keeping safe, staying connected, or simply having fun!

What apps do you use? Send us a message with the best apps for truck drivers!