A Breakdown of How Dot Pays Our Drivers

Ensuring you are taken care of and knowing you are secure in your job is always top-of-mind at Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI). We know the job market is competitive. We know that other employers are showing you what they have to offer. We know you are being bombarded by messages about why one company is better than another.

Dot Values Your Pay

Because of this competition, DTI knows how important it is to pay you well and fairly.

“We plan to invest more resources internally and externally to ensure we are competing with market rates across the country,” said CEO Joe Tracy.

Our goal is to fairly pay all of our employees in every area of our business—whether you work in our warehouses, in our corporate offices, or on the road.

Dot’s Truck Driver Pay

Driver pay at any company can be confusing. We get that. So, we outlined for you how we pay our drivers to make it as easy to understand as possible.

The first thing you probably want to know is pay per mile. Explaining this aspect of our truck driver jobs is one of the biggest obstacles we have to overcome when trying to recruit drivers. But what makes us stand out is that we also pay you for many other parts of your job that other employers disregard.

The 9 Ways You Get Paid:

  1. Mileage: This is the basic part of your pay, before any other tasks are added in.
  2. Delivering Product: If you are a driver who touches product, you get paid for it. For every case and every different type of product on each pallet, you will have more cash in your pocket.
  3. Stop Pay: If you are a no-touch driver who does not touch product, you will still have to bump docks. You are not expected to handle cases, but you will get paid for the stop. For each delivery you make, you will earn extra money.
  4. Making Pickups: If you have to stop and pick up a purchase order (PO) to bring back to Dot’s warehouses, you will get paid a flat charge for doing that pickup.
  5. Detention: Our goal is to plan ahead so you won’t be sitting around waiting for a load, but stranger things have happened. So, we will compensate you for your time if you get held up for too long.
  6. Incentives: All distribution centers (DCs) have various incentive programs— like the quarterly Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) rating incentive. These programs make sure you are being rewarded for your outstanding efforts.
  7. Bonuses: At the end of every quarter, all employees at Dot/ Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI) are paid a bonus based on how much money the company made. Those bonuses come annually, too. This means there is potential to get FIVE bonuses each year.


On average, we expect you to make $2,500-3,000 in bonuses each year.
  1. Paid Time Off (PTO): After you have driven with Dot for a year, you get guaranteed PTO. This means paid time off the road to be with your family, go on vacation, or just take a break. You will be eligible for PTO as an experienced driver on day one if you are a traditional regional company delivery driver. Some conditions may apply.


At Dot, over 11 percent of your pay comes from time you DON’T spend on the road. If you are a driver who makes our average $81,000 annually, that means that almost $9,000 of your annual pay will be made from time spent with your family, on vacation, or from helping Dot reach our company goals.
  1. Retirement Planning & Profit Sharing: We pay you to plan ahead, too. If you commit to putting aside money from each paycheck and have it automatically put into a 401(k) account, Dot will also kick in some money. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to celebrate our annual successes with us. Dot will deposit even more money into your retirement account each year based on how well we did as a company through our profit-sharing program.


History shows that Dot will contribute up to an additional 7.5 percent to your retirement account each year through our 401(k) match and profit-sharing programs. Talk about free money!

When you combine all of these different “buckets” of pay, we guarantee that our pay-per-mile average will blow our competitors out of the water.

But Wait, There’s More

  • Health benefits: In addition to salary, Dot’s drivers receive a benefits package worth more than $22,000.
  •  Paid orientation and training: All Dot drivers are paid for their time of orientation and training with Dot Transportation. If you are a new driver, you will earn $750 a week, plus meals. Drivers with over 200,000 miles of experience will be paid $1,250 each week.
  • Driving school tuition reimbursement: Dot Transportation reimburses new hires for truck driver training tuition, as long as the training has been completed within the last three years at a Dot-approved institution. DTI will reimburse tuition beginning after 90 days of employment and will reimburse you for the tuition over a three-year period as long as you continue driving for Dot.

At Dot, you matter to us—so your compensation is one of our priorities. We understand that our business is built around shared growth. Making sure we are showing you the appreciation you deserve is important to us.

“I believe we have the best talent in the industry,” said Tracy. “Improving our process and approach to compensation should strengthen our ability to recruit and retain new talent to ensure that Dot continues to be a successful growing business.”

Interested in joining a team that will pay you for all of your efforts? Discover more about driving for Dot..