A feature on Dot’s Fleet Management team

Written by Rebekah McNeff, Digital Marketing Assistant

There are a lot of parts and tools used to keep our trucks moving—but what about the people and teams who are behind those parts and tools? For this “Under the Hood” feature, we took an inside look at just a few of the Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI) departments that help keep Dot trucks moving. Whether the department touches the trucks directly or they help provide employees with safe and organized work environments, all of the teams play an imperative role in supporting our company.

Fleet Management at Dot Transportation

In January 2019, the Midwest saw record low temperatures of -24 degrees and below. While most people were riding out the cold in their heated homes or offices, the Fleet Management teams were outside, battling to keep Dot trucks on the road. 

Because diesel engines start to perform poorly around -5 to -10 degrees, teams work on fuel treatments and additives to keep fuel from gelling up. Dot is unique because our trucks can start in a warmer climate, such as Georgia, at the beginning of the week and arrive in Illinois later in the week with fuel that wasn’t meant to be in the cold. One of the departments that specializes in the coordination of our Dot trucks and their fuel is Fleet Management.


How Dot’s Fleet Management Operates

Fleet Management keeps track of all things regarding Dot trucks, such as how many trucks and trailers we have, the lifespan of our trucks, how many we are going to purchase, and the maintenance of our fleet. 

Director of Fleet Management Kevin Buss has been at Dot for 32 years. Buss started at Dot by fueling trucks and gradually took on more responsibility. In his current role, Buss oversees fleet management at all 12 distribution centers (DC) locations

“Our technicians and employees within the garage are a really strong, supportive team,” Buss said. “Whether it’s -24 degrees or 100 degrees, they’re still working on equipment. We have a lot of pride in what we do.”


Keeping Our Drivers on the Road

Fleet Management is there for our drivers day and night, working tirelessly to keep our fleet moving. They are constantly troubleshooting to make sure our drivers have the smoothest journey possible. We thank them for their continuous effort and support!

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