Written by Paul Mugerditchian, DTI President 

“Odd year” doesn’t even begin to describe what we’ve all been through in 2020. We started the year in excellent shape. Volume was a little bit over plan, and we were at a very good driver number to service our customers. All of you know what happened from there—and all of you know that volume has come back nicely.

In short, I want to let everyone know Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI) is hiring drivers at all locations. We need talent to service our customers and suppliers. As always, we need to hire the right quality driver to put smiles on our customers’ faces. We have customer delivery specialist (CDS), no-touch, and team driving jobs posted at all locations. 

Experienced Driver Referral Bonuses

Additional good news is that we have a driver referral bonus posted in all locations for experienced drivers. We define experienced drivers as any driver that has two full years of experience or 200,000 miles. The referral bonus amount will vary by location, but we have a referral bonus posted everywhere.

You’ve seen a lot of businesses either close or change significantly in the past year. At Dot, we are going to continue to grow. So, please, keep your eyes and ears open for talented, experienced drivers you think would be a good culture fit for DTI. We will go through the interview/hiring process just as we’ve always done to ensure quality.  

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