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By Paul Mugerditchian, President, Dot Transportation, Inc.

So what makes Dot Transportation, Inc. special? What makes Dot Foods and Dot Transportation a great place to work?

I’ve worked here since 2001 and have thoroughly enjoyed it. The work isn’t easy, and we certainly have challenges, but it has been rewarding and given me a sense of purpose. I would argue the things that make Dot and DTI special are on every one of our trailers.

They are:

  • Trusted Values
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Shared Growth

Trusted Values

Everyone knows we have very high standards, whether it comes to serving our customer in a way that puts smiles on their faces (since they vote with their pounds) or by giving back to all the communities we serve.

We value our employees by listening to their feedback every day but also in special ways through our survey process. We survey all employees every other year, and drivers every six months. We take that feedback and try to create change for good. One good example of one of our trusted values is listening to our employees. Employee feedback makes us better!

Innovative Solutions

While we’ve always tried to innovate, it usually benefits our supplier and customer partners. Presently we are trying to innovate two solutions that help everyone.

We’re trying to create a new truck driver technology solution on the dock — our handheld device, which brings better technology to everyone. We’re trying to create a simpler transaction, which is innovative in food distribution. We want to eliminate paper and speed things up on the customer dock.

The next area we want to innovate is in truck technology. We are testing safety devices right now that could make us safer long term. We’re testing devices like:

  • Trailer sensors/cameras – Backing devices so drivers have better visibility
  • Safe Speed – A device that allows a truck to travel the speed limit which can help with distracted driving or a rush mindset
  • Headsets – Were testing a headset that will warn a driver in real time if they are fatigued

We are in testing mode for all of the above technology. While we don’t know if we’ll end up moving forward with any or all of these solutions, they certainly are innovative and they could be a long-term help for our employees and in the service of our customers and suppliers. So, in short, we are using technology to innovate.

Shared Growth

It’s not hard to argue that as Dot has grown, we have set very high standards. We’ve shared that growth in many ways with our customers, suppliers, employees, and communities we serve.

Let’s just go through one example of how we have shared growth with our employees. We have an excellent truck driver benefits program, and we’ve had bonus exceptions and tax bonuses that help acknowledge employee contributions. We also continue to share company growth in our profit-sharing distribution every year. While profit sharing is not something that’s guaranteed, it’s something that our founders felt strongly about as a pillar of Dot Foods culture. So, through challenging times, Dot/DTI has shared company growth with our employees.

Look no further than the side of our trailers to see what makes Dot and DTI both different and special!


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