We asked. You said. 

Managing stress on the road can be one of the most challenging parts about being a professional truck driver. So, we asked our Dot drivers how they manage their stress on the road. Here’s what they had to say:

How Dot Drivers Reduce Their Stress on the Road

“Time management. We should all use it more [to reduce our stress on the road].”

Kevin Johnson
Oklahoma Customer Delivery Specialist (CDS)

“Read novels.”

Blane Hampton
Tennessee No-Touch Freight Driver

“Listen to Audible books.”

Bill Eddy
Arizona CDS

“Vent frustrations to friends and family.”

Shane Koyle
Idaho CDS

Get my truck to a safe spot, get out, leave my phone in the cab, and just relax for a bit.”

Philip Gainous
Delaware CDS Driver Trainer

I listen to the KLove radio station.”

Zach Dawson
Tennessee CDS

Read my bible.”

Joseph Van Hove
Mt. Sterling Local No-Touch Driver

Mental Health Resources for Dot & DTI Employees

Still struggling when out on the road? Check out these mental health resources that are included in Dot’s health insurance.