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DTI drivers log lots of miles, are paid well, treated with respect, AND offered flexibility.

The most frequently-asked questions HR coordinators at DTI get when talking to potential drivers are: “What’s the home time like?” and “Do I have to touch freight?”

Driver Hometime

Home Time

Home time varies for DTI drivers depending on their schedule type. We have worked hard to create as many driving jobs and schedule options as possible to accommodate you.

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Touching Freight

When driving for DTI, you do not have to throw freight. We offer no-touch positions for drivers who don’t want to touch product. You can read more about those kinds of positions below.


I started on the 4×4 schedule. I have a family and knowing when I’d be home and when I’d be out was really enticing to me with my first driving job. It’s good money, but for me, it’s more about getting home as often as possible.

Jason, Maryland Driver

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Why do our drivers stay with us?

They get to log lots of miles, are paid well, are treated with respect, and are offered flexibility.

At Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI), you’ll find that being a DTI driver is the best driving job you’ll ever have. In fact, over 26 percent of DTI drivers have driven over 1 million miles with us. Drivers don’t log that many miles unless they stay with a company for a long time.

Local Versus Regional

Most of the drivers at DTI are regional. We offer a few local driving positions at a limited number of DCs. Contact the DC closest to you to find out if they offer local driving positions.

Class A CDL – Regional Company Delivery Driver

When you are a regional company delivery driver for DTI, you spend time behind the wheel, unloading at our customers’ docks, and picking up product to bring back to our warehouses

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“Traditional” Schedule

Usually, traditional drivers, also known as customer deliver specialists (CDS), deliver about two loads each week. You’d typically be out for two to three days at a time and would be home about two days each week in between loads. This can vary depending on your location and how far away a customer is from the location.

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4 Days On, 4 Days Off Schedule 

DTI offers a variety of scheduling options outside of a “traditional” schedule. The four days on, four days off schedule is exactly what it sounds like—you get four days on the road and then four days at home. The best part about this schedule is that you will know which days you are working and which days you will be home for the entire year!

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6 Days On, 3 Days Off Schedule

There is also an option for you to have a rotating schedule of six days on the road and three days off the road. Similar to the four-on, four-off schedule, you will know which days you will be on the road and which days you will be home for the whole year.

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4×3 Flip

Want a guaranteed schedule? DTI has a scheduling option for you! Work a rotating weekly schedule of four days on the road and three days at home one week, and then three days on and four days off the next week*. This flipping schedule is popularly called the “four-by-three flip.”

*4×3 flip positions are usually listed as a company delivery driver position, but they are occasionally listed as no-touch freight positions at select locations. Note that these positions are not available at all locations.

Class A CDL – Regional No-Touch Driver

This position is the same as the Class A CDL driver position we described above—except you wouldn’t have to touch product in this position. As a no-touch driver, you’ll spend all of your time behind the wheel, taking products to one of our company terminals, meeting another driver at one of our turn points, or delivering loads to customers that don’t require you to unload the trailer. Even though you don’t have to touch product, you will still have to bump docks and pick up loads from suppliers (but don’t worry, you still get paid for it). 

You can still be a no-touch driver and get the benefits of our unique schedule options. Our no-touch positions are available with the following schedules: traditional; four days on, four days off; or six days on, three days off. 

Class A Team Company Delivery Truck Driver

Have a friend or relative you’d like to hit the road with? If so, team driving may be for you. As a team driver, you’ll mainly spend time behind the wheel taking freight to another DTI location or meeting other drivers at designated turn points to switch trailers, taking loads to DTI customers, and picking up loads from our suppliers. Team driving is offered as both no-touch and CDS positions.

Driving teams tend to be dispatched out for two to four days at a time. This may not be true for all locations.

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