Jim Daniels, Mt. Sterling Customer Delivery Specialist (CDS), was recently inducted to the International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA) Truck Driver Hall of Fame. Jim has diligently serviced Dot customers for 27 years. He is pleasant to work with and always polite. Our customers recognize Jim when he bumps the dock and they know he can be counted on to arrive on time, be prepared for his day, and operate safely and effectively on their dock.

When asked what he attributes his safe driving to, Jim said, “I’m just a guy trying to do a job. I’d say experience and time behind the wheel. There’s training, too, following the Smith System.”

When visiting with long-term Driver Supervisor Jennifer Knapp about what it’s like to work with Jim she shared, “Jim is well-deserving of this recognition. It has been my pleasure working with him for many years. He has always been willing to help anyone that can use his help or guidance. I know his customers appreciate his work ethic and dedication to his job, just as we do. Congratulations, Jim!”

Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI) feels fortunate to have outstanding and industry-recognized professional drivers on our team. Thank you for all you do to keep yourself, our customers, and others safe while on the road, and for continuing to service our customers with an expert level of professionalism

2020 DTI IFDA Hall of Fame Inductees

Jim Daniels

2019 DTI IFDA Hall of Fame Inductees

Steven Jones

Jose Lopez

Ricky Breneman

James Janssen

2018 DTI IFDA Hall of Fame Inductees

James Mashburn

Kevin Heberlein

Keith Schluter

The International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA) announced the 40 inductees for the 2020 class of the IFDA Truck Driver Hall of Fame. Since its inception, IFDA has worked tirelessly with its member companies to promote a culture of safety. This program casts a spotlight on the industry’s top drivers for their outstanding records of service and safety. 

“The past few months have proven just how essential these hard-working professionals are to our economy, national security, and way of life. They are truly unsung heroes,” said Mark S. Allen, President and CEO of IFDA. “These exceptionally skilled drivers ensure a safe and efficient food supply for professional kitchens across the country even during the hardest of times.”

There are over 130,000 foodservice distribution drivers currently on the road, but only those with the best safety records and longevity of service qualify for the IFDA Truck Driver Hall of Fame. To be eligible, the driver must have at least 25 years of employment with an IFDA member company with no chargeable accidents and may not have any moving violations within the last 5 years.

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