The most frequently-asked question HR coordinators at Dot get when talking to potential drivers is: “What’s the home time like?” 

That is a loaded question with a pretty lengthy answer. So, we figured creating a blog post that outlines all of our driver schedule options would be a great way to get you the information you want to know. 

Before we dive too far into driver types, we want to let you know that all Dot drivers are required to have their CDL Class A driver’s license. It is also mandatory to have your Hazmat and Tanker endorsements

If you don’t have your license, we encourage you to check out our driving school partners in our distribution center (DC) communities. You can also find out more information about our driving school reimbursement program.

Local Versus Regional

Most of the drivers at Dot Transportation (DTI) are regional. We offer a few local driving positions at a limited number of DCs. Contact the DC closest to you to find out if they offer local driving positions.

Class A CDL – Regional Company Delivery Specialist (CDS)

When you are a regional company delivery driver for DTI, you will:

  • Spend time behind the wheel
  • Unload freight at our customers’ docks
  • Pick up product to bring back to our warehouses

“Traditional” Schedule:

  • Deliver about two loads each week
  • Are out for two to three days at a time
  • Are home about two days each week in between loads

4 Days On, 4 Days Off Schedule:

  • Four days on the road, and then four days at home
  • 4 on/4 off Perk: You will know which days you are working and which days you’ll be home for the entire year

6 Days On, 3 Days Off Schedule:

  • Six days on the road, three days off the road
  • 6 on/3 off Perk: You will know which days you are working and which days you’ll be home for the entire year

4×3 Flip:

  • The schedule with the most home time
  • Rotating schedule
  • One week you’ll be on the road for four days and home for three. The next week you’ll be on the road for three days and home for four.
  • Popularly called the “four-by-three flip.”

4×3 flip positions are usually listed as a company delivery driver position, but they are occasionally listed as no-touch freight positions at select locations. Note that these positions are not available at all locations.


Class A CDL – Regional No-Touch Driver

  • Same as the Class A CDL CDS positions—you just don’t touch the freight
  • Spend all of your time behind the wheel
  • Take products to our company terminals
  • Meet other drivers at one of our turn points
  • Deliver loads to customers that don’t require you to unload the trailer
  • Bump docks and pick up loads from suppliers

No-Touch Schedule Options:

You can still be a no-touch driver and get the benefits of our unique schedule options. Our no-touch positions are available with the following schedules:

  • Traditional
  • Four days on, four days off
  • Six days on, three days off

Class A Team Company Delivery Truck Driver

  • Hit the road with a friend, relative, or assigned co-worker
  • Offered as both no-touch and CDS positions
  • Typically dispatched out for two to four days at a time
  • Primarily spend time behind the wheel
  • Take freight to other Dot locations
  • Meet other drivers at designated turn points to switch trailers
  • Take loads to Dot customers 
  • Pick up loads from suppliers

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