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When Dot Transportation is a Part of Your Story, You’ll Find:

A people-centric, family-first environment focused on YOU

Dot Transportation Cares.

We care enough to not cut corners; to be one of the safest fleets on the road. We care to do things the right way when we load and unload our trucks, serve our customers, and send our drivers on runs. We care about you and what’s going to make you successful.

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An in-house support system rooting for your success

At Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI), your success is our success. That’s why we have a robust in-house team of professionals and specialists here to help you every step of the way.



DTI drivers work with the same dispatch specialist on all of their runs. This fosters a personal relationship where your needs are prioritized. DTI’s dispatch team works hard to schedule your runs around important personal and family events whenever they can.


Gate Station

Gate Station

DTI’s gate station employees are there to keep you safe and encourage integrity within the food supply chain. They are a resource to help keep you organized and a team you can count on no matter which distribution center (DC) you arrive at.




No more extreme delays while waiting for someone to come out and fix your truck. DTI takes pride in having an in-house garage team at each DC filled with truck experts. They work tirelessly to keep our trucks in the best shape so DTI drivers are safe out on the road.




DTI’s management team is here for you. With our open-door policy, you can come to them with anything and everything. They want your candid feedback and to know how they can make your experience better.


Health Trainer

Health Trainer

From in-person meetings to Zoom calls while you’re on the road and YouTube video resources, our occupational health trainers and physical therapists are here to make sure you’re the safest and healthiest you can be while on the road.

DTI Drivers

DTI Driver

Your fellow drivers are another great network and resource for you to lean on when you drive for DTI. They share your pride in representing Dot Transportation and always look forward to getting to know new drivers on the team.

A workplace founded & focused on respect

When Robert and Dorothy Tracy founded this company, they stuck by the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you would want to be treated. Decades later, that sentiment of respect, honesty, teamwork, accountability, and family continues to hold strong in DTI.

An employer where your well-being is the #1 priority

DTI Driver

Weekly Home Time

Part of your well-being is being at home with your family—so we get you home weekly. Some locations also offer other schedule options that get you home more frequently if that fits better with your lifestyle.

Top-Notch Safety Records

DTI drivers have a safety-first mindset and take pride in being some of the safest drivers on the road. They rank in the top 20 percent nationally in six of the seven key safety categories. DTI is also an industry leader in minimizing personal injuries

mechanic working on truck

Best-in-the-Industry Training

You feeling confident and safe on the road is our goal. We want you to succeed—so we have a robust training program that every driver goes through. You’ll be able to hit the road solo once you’re comfortable behind the wheel and our trainers give you the A-OK.

Unbeatable Benefits

Your well-being is all-encompassing:
✔️ Physical
✔️ Mental
✔️ Financial

That’s why we offer you and your family access to a benefits package that is designed to support all three of those areas.

Switch to Dot Transportation

We’re not here to sugar-coat things. Here’s why making the switch to drive for DTI is 100% worth the effort.

No-Touch or Delivery Driver?

At DTI, you have the option to shape your career into what you’re looking for. Discover the right position for you.

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