Dot Transportation Leadership Team

While our drivers are the face of our business, serving our customers and getting from Point A to Point B is a complex process that requires contributions from a dedicated and diverse team.

Our executive team spearheads the advancement and influence of Dot Transportation, Inc. while ensuring that our talented and hardworking drivers are equipped with the resources necessary to complete the job safely and efficiently every single day.

DTI’s Executive Leaders

Bryan L headshot

Bryan Langston

Bryan has been a part of the DTI and Dot Foods families for more than two decades and has served roles in both sales and warehouse management. Based out of Mt. Sterling, Bryan was named president of DTI in 2021.

Duskee Kassing headshot
Senior Director of Transportation Operations

Duskee Kassing

Duskee began her DTI career in 1994, becoming the company’s first female director. In addition to her role as senior director of transportation operations, Duskee serves on the company’s Diversity and Women’s Leadership groups.

Andy Turner headshot
Director of Operations

Andy Turner

Andy began his Dot Foods journey in 1999 as a Mt. Sterling warehouse employee before joining DTI and serving transportation roles in California, Chicago and Oklahoma before returning to Mt. Sterling. He stepped into the lead operations role in 2019.

Chris Wisslead headshot
Director of Logistics

Chris Wisslead

Chris started his DTI career in 2014 as a transportation manager and eventual director of transportation for DTI’s Arizona distribution center. He has served as DTI’s director of logistics since 2021.

Clint McDonald headshot
Director of Terminals

Clint McDonald

Since 2005, Clint has served in a variety of roles within Dot Foods and DTI including purchasing manager, transportation manager, freight sales manager, and director of freight sales. In 2021 he stepped into his current role as director of terminals. Prior to DTI, he spent more than a decade as regional manager for Yum! Brands in both St. Louis and Louisville.

Jessica Mock headshot
Director of Freight Sales

Jessica Mock

Jessica has been with DTI since 2014 and has served as assistant and eventually senior transportation manager before stepping into the role of director of freight sales; a position she’s held since 2021. Jessica also serves as director of Dot’s teaming with local charities program.

John Ourth headshot
Director of Planning

John Ourth

John, Director of Planning at Dot Transportation. With a rich history at DTI since 2000, John brings a wealth of experience to his role as Director of Planning. He is known for his strategic thinking, meticulous attention to detail.

Kevin Buss headshot
Director of Fleet Management

Kevin Buss

Kevin started his DTI career as a garage technician more than 35 years ago. In his current role, which he’s held for more than two decades, Kevin oversees all equipment purchasing and maintenance to the ever-growing fleet.

Tim Eckhardt
Director of Safety

Tim Eckhardt

Tim joined DTI in 2012 as senior transportation manager before stepping into the lead safety role in early 2019. In his director role, Tim and his team are responsible for safety and risk management, compliance and driver training for the DTI fleet.

Distribution Center Transportation Directors

Arizona – Keith Richardson

California – Larry Baca

Chicago – Mitch Dormire

DelawareBrandon Wicklund

Georgia – George Garbutt

Idaho – Amber Jimenez

Indiana – Cody Smith

Maryland – Dave Hess

New York – Sean Walsh

Oklahoma – Jim Robertson

Tennessee (Dyersburg) – Andy Sentell

Tennessee (Manchester) – Jeremy Nelson

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