When my life neededBalance, I took the wheel.

So what does YOUR life need?

Financial stability?

Our drivers made an average of $96,000 in 2021

A change of scenery?

There’s nothing quite like the view from the captain’s seat


Choose a schedule that fits with your lifestyle


Your office is the open road

Whether you log your first mile at age 18 or 65, Dot Transportation, Inc. is here to help you set the wheels in motion on your next professional challenge. 

You CAN do this!

(But don’t take our word for it.)

Driver Story


When life as a law enforcement officer wasn’t all he thought it’d be, Cole found himself at a crossroads. He needed a new challenge, but had no idea what his next adventure might entail. When a family member suggested trucking, Cole was intrigued, but cautious. Could he do it? How would his family feel? Was he ready for a life on the road?

Today, all of those fears are in the rearview mirror. He is a proud member of the DTI crew with an incredible story to share.

 Life on the Road

WHY Choose Trucking?



People are often surprised at just how much money they can make as a truck driver. In 2022, DTI drivers earned an average of $101,000 fleet-wide.



Trucking is the perfect way to provide for and support your family. At DTI we offer full family health benefits as well as paid holidays and guaranteed PTO.

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Home time

Being a driver doesn’t mean leaving your family for weeks or months at a time. DTI drivers are guaranteed weekly home time.

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No cubicles, no micromanagement, and no bosses breathing down your neck. Many who come from office jobs find truck driving a refreshing change of pace.

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There’s nothing routine about truck driving. It’s your chance to tour the country, meet interesting people, and take in new experiences every single day.

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There’s nothing quite like driving a truck for a living. It’s an exclusive club unlike any other.

Driver Story


As a single mother, Misty spent most of her twenties and thirties working two jobs just to make ends meet. By her 40th birthday, she was ready for a change. Though trucking was never on her radar, she ultimately decided to give it a shot. With DTI, she found the home time and great pay she needed.

Today, she’s collected more than half a million miles and a lifetime of memories from behind the wheel.

CDL Schools & Training

So what does it TAKE
to be a driver?

Just the willingness and desire to try something new.


Step One: Get Licensed

First, you’ll need to earn your commercial driver’s license through an accredited driving school. Choose DTI and we’ll not only pay for your school, we’ll pay YOU while you study!


Step Two: Get Trained

Once licensed, you’ll join an experienced trainer for a hands-on, eight-week training program to learn the tricks of the trade. Our goal is to make sure every driver is ready to hit the road safely.


Step Three: Get Rolling

Time to hit the road!

Behind the Wheel

What it MEANS to
Be a Driver

Driver Testimonials

I’m five feet tall, so the biggest obstacle was the sheer size of the truck and trailer. But now that I’m used to it, I’m probably more comfortable in the truck than in my own car.


Nowadays trucking is a different industry. It provides so much and they teach you everything. They won’t let you go until they know you’re safe.


Driving changed my life and gave me a lot of opportunities.


I was so worried about being different. But truck driving showed me that I’m capable of a lot more than I thought I was.


Truck driving is way less stressful. You’ll enjoy it. You don’t have to worry about mandatory overtime. You just get to be by yourself, listen to music, and enjoy the day.


Next Steps

If you’re seeking your next professional challenge, DTI may be just what you’re looking for. Find a school near you to take the next step.

Woody - DTI Driver