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At Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI), we know you’re way more than just your job. Most of the stuff you care about happens outside of work, not while you’re behind the wheel. So, we offer our drivers schedule options and job types that best fit their lifestyles. One of the many options we offer at most locations is the four days on, four days off schedule—also known as the 4×4.

The 4×4 is exactly what it sounds like—you’re on the road for four days and then home for four days. Many of our drivers like this schedule because it gives them the home time they need and they usually know their work schedule for the entire year in advance. They won’t know their exact routes or runs, but they’ll know which days they’ll be behind the wheel of a Dot truck. 

At DTI, we believe our drivers can tell you better than we can why their Dot Experience is better than the experiences you find at any other trucking company. 

Home Time

Both Maryland No-Touch Freight Driver Shane Hutzler and Maryland Customer Delivery Specialist Jose Pacheco agree that the 4×4 schedule is the best option for them and their families because of their consistent and frequent home time.

Shane is a single dad who shares custody of his son, Harper. When he got laid off from his print plant job that he had for over 20 years, he knew it was time for a change. He sought out driving school to get his Class A commercial driver’s license (CDL) and landed a job at Dot. He chose Dot Transportation because of the schedule options and flexibility we offer to drivers. During his job search, he couldn’t find any other driving job that would give him this much time with his son. 

“Because of my schedule, I get to be with my kid a lot more than a lot of people in a split home situation,” shared Shane.

Jose has two kids—ages 14 and 3—and is grateful for his 4×4 schedule because it allows him to homeschool his 14-year-old daughter, Adrianna. According to Jose, Adrianna enjoys the fact that her dad drives for DTI. She likes that DTI provides employees with different schedule opportunities that work best for them. But, most importantly, Adrianna says that she loves the time she gets to spend with her dad on his days off. 

“We thank Dot for the schedule models they offer,” said Jose. “And how they really try to do as much as they can for their employees.”



Four on, four off drivers get the benefit of being home every four days for four days in a row, while also making the great pay DTI has to offer. DTI pays drivers for their miles—both empty and loaded—but also pays drivers for everything else they do on the road through something called “activity-based pay.” 

Through activity-based pay and mileage pay, delivery drivers who are on a 4×4 schedule average $61K annually. No-touch 4×4 drivers average $55K. To learn more about how we pay our drivers, click here.


Job Security

Dot and DTI employees across the country and across all departments will all tell you that one of the best parts of working for Dot is our historic job security. Dot Foods and Dot Transportation haven’t had a layoff in company history. Dot Foods has been around for over 60 years and DTI for over 30, and we’ve kept it a top priority to keep our employees’ jobs safe and secure. 

For Maryland No-Touch Driver Shane Hutzler, our top-tier job security was one of the top reasons he ended up driving for DTI. Shane worked at a print plant for 20 years and thought his job was as secure as he could possibly find. Then, he got laid off. Once he got his CDL and ended up at DTI, he was relieved to be at a company with over 60 years of job security history. His goal? Stay at DTI until he’s ready to retire.


Supportive Community

Not only does DTI provide drivers with schedule options that work best for the drivers and their families, but there are also Dot community events throughout the year that allow employees and their families to connect with one another.

Jose’s daughter, Adrianna, says she likes how the company holds family events and she has a blast at each one. She says it’s great to get the family involved with the company. Jose says it makes for a better overall employee experience.

Not only do we host family events, but we work hard to keep our family-first values at the forefront of our actions. Shane’s son, Harper, has autism. Shane shared with us that “there have been a few times at home when Harper is with his mom and it looks like I may need to be home more. Management was so understanding about working with me to move my work days or whatever they could do to help.”

“They were 100 percent willing to help me so I could take care of what was going on at home and also keep my job,” said Shane. “I haven’t had to move things around so far, but knowing I have Dot’s support and understanding takes a huge weight off my shoulders.”


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