We’re not here to sugar-coat the realities of being a professional truck driver—it’s hard work! But two of the ways we try to make it easier at Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI) is through weekly home time and a wide variety of schedule options.

One of the options offered at most Dot locations is the six days on, three days off schedule (6×3). This schedule is exactly what it sounds like—you’re on the road for six days and then at home for three. The best part about this schedule? You’ll know your schedule for the entire calendar year. Plus, depending on the needs at the location you’re applying to, it comes as both a delivery and a no-touch freight job

We chatted with Drivers Pete and Todd who both work the 6×3 to get their perspective on driving for DTI. Pete has been driving for DTI for almost five years now. Todd for almost two. Both drivers are based out of our headquarters in Mt. Sterling, Illinois.

What’s your favorite part about driving for DTI?

Pete: 1) The pay, of course. I definitely make more money driving for Dot than I ever thought I would driving for some of the other trucking companies I interviewed at. 

2) The schedule. My wife and I are project people. We always have something going on. The 6×3 schedule gives me the extra time at home to get things done. 

3) Again, the schedule. My schedule is printed up for the entire year! My wife, who has a bachelor’s degree in organizational management, loves that she can look at my schedule and plan our projects, trips, and family get-togethers months in advance. The traditional drivers don’t have that flexibility. From week to week, they don’t know if they’re leaving on Saturday or Sunday or Monday. I know my schedule! It’s the next best thing to having a dedicated load. 

There are a lot of other great things about Dot, but those are my top three.

Todd: I just think they are a great company. They are nationally known. I have known a lot of people who have driven for them. They look after their drivers and take care of their people.

“I don’t regret a single day of it. 6×3 and driving for Dot are the best career decisions I’ve ever made.”


6x3 Driver, Mt. Sterling

Why did you choose the 6×3 schedule?

Pete: During my truck driver training at John Wood Community College (JWCC) in Quincy, Illinois, I met Ricky Elder, who was switching from working in the Dot warehouse to driving a truck. So I learned a lot about Dot through him. 

Then someone from Dot came to the class and told us about all the different programs. I learned about 6×3 then. My wife and I discussed it and we decided on 6×3. We also chose for me to be a delivery driver so I could throw the groceries and get some exercise. I ran the traditional schedule during training, but have been 6×3 for almost five years now. I don’t regret a single day of it. 6×3 and driving for Dot are the best career decisions I’ve ever made.

What’s your favorite part about the 6×3 schedule?

Todd: I had a lot of options. The 6×3 for right now really fits my needs. My wife is a planner and we know my schedule for a full year in advance. We like to go camping, so it’s nice knowing. It works out really well. I really like the 6×3. When I get a little closer to retirement, I’ll probably try to transition to a 4×4. But the 6×3 works really well for me right now.

What would you tell another driver who was considering driving for DTI?

Pete: I would tell them to go for it and they won’t regret it. And I’d give them a few more reasons why. Besides traditional and 6×3, they have a few other schedules that may fit your needs. When we’re on the dock, if there’s more than one Dot driver, we help each other. If you have some special requests or needs in your personal life, your dispatch supervisor will do everything in their power to help you. They really do have an open door policy. Go in and talk to any manager—anybody, anytime. 

And above all else, the Tracy family really does appreciate every one of their employees. When I was going through training, my trainer took me to Hagel 1891 for dinner and one of the Tracy sons was there having dinner with Dorothy. He went to the effort to stand up, shake my hand, and thank me for coming to work for Dot. This man is in charge of a multi-billion-dollar company and while he is having dinner with his mother, he’s going to the effort to thank me and appreciate me. That spoke volumes. I knew I was at the right company that day. And I would tell any new driver that it’s the right company for them, too.

Todd: There’s a lot of companies out there. But I think you ought to give Dot a chance. They’re family-oriented and they look after their drivers. If they have a good driving record and have the drive to be on the road. There’s a lot of variety for drivers to choose from. You won’t find that number of opportunities at other transportation companies the way you do at Dot.

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