“A Trucker’s Weight Loss Journey” is a three-part video series on truck driver health. Check out part two below. You can find part two and part three on our Driven blog as well.

Here’s our third and final post on Steve Foster, our driver trainer out of Burley, Idaho. Check out his healthy truck driver tips, including a workout routine that can be done from inside a truck!

Maintaining a Healthy Diet and Exercise Routine

In addition to a high-protein, reduced fat and carbohydrate diet, Steve will routinely do a workout program on the truck that works well for him and his lifestyle.

Exercises for Truck Drivers

Resistance bands — Steve’s has 50 pounds of resistance, but there are several options on the resistance you want. These can be purchased for around $12-$15. Steve uses it in many different ways, for example, for his upper body and core workouts.

Core Workouts — Check out this innovative ab workout from Steve himself. “I have a mini-fridge that I push to the front of the truck. I then put my feet up on the top corner of the mini fridge while sitting on the edge of the bunk and perform 100 crunches and sit-ups.”

Rowing — Next, Steve will take the resistance band and place it on the floor by the mini fridge. He steps on it while sitting on the edge of the bunk. “My body is now at a 45-degree angle,” Steve says. “I then begin a series of rowing motions while doing sit-ups at the same time, doing 150 reps, switching from pulling outward to curling inward halfway through the routine and feel the burn.”

Push-Ups — Steve will also change positions with his feet on the bunk and hands on the fridge and does as many push-ups as he can. You can also do planks in this position.

Leg Lifts — Steve then moves into his next exercise. “By rolling onto my back, I perform some leg lifts by holding my legs up about six inches over the fridge and hold for 30 seconds, drop my feet to the fridge, then repeat five times.” This exercise is great for your core and lower back. “I suffer from low back pain, and this workout helps with that, in addition to strengthening my core,” Steve says.

The Benefits of Exercise

According to Steve, “There is no end to how creative you can be using these simple tools that I use for about 30 minutes every other day. I feel so much better physically, and am going on three years keeping the weight off.”

When he decided he needed to become healthier, Steve put his plans into action. And the results have paid off.

“I’m 58 years old! If I can do this, anybody can,” Steve says. “As a result, my biometrics continues to improve. My blood pressure is lower, my blood sugars are normal now, and my cholesterol is down as is my BMI. I’m a lot less tired now too.”

As a trainer, Steve show the trainees what exercises he does, which has had a very positive outcome as a result. Many trainees have expressed a desire to make the same life change that Steve did.

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How do you stay healthy on the road? Let us know!