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Dot Transportation Announces Biggest Driver Pay Increase to Date

Feb 15, 2022 | 9:59 am

It’s no secret that Dot Transportation drivers are among the best paid drivers in the industry. And in 2022, they’ll be taking home even more. In a show of appreciation for our drivers who keep us running day in and day out, Dot Transportation recently approved the largest driver pay increase in company history!

Solo DTI drivers will receive an increase of four cents per mile and team drivers will receive five cents more per mile beginning in March. In addition, all drivers will see a case rate increase of one cent per case. In total, this comes out to a per-mile pay bump of approximately 7.5%.

So what does this mean for our drivers?

This major increase is projected to reflect an average of $5,000 more per driver in 2022! This forecast boosts our fleet-wide average to roughly $96,000 annually for traditional delivery drivers.

Keep in mind, while the per-mile increase figure is the same across the board, year-end estimates are based on the projected averages of the entire fleet. Each driver’s actual earnings are dependent upon their job type, job schedule, and other variables from our “buffet of driver options”.

DTI Driver UnloadingWhat is “activity-based pay”?

Unlike other trucking companies which pay strictly by the mile or by the hour, DTI rewards drivers with what’s known as “activity-based pay” which means you’re paid for mileage as well as every other aspect of the job–stops, pickups, deliveries, layovers, detentions, drop and hook, etc.

What about added benefits?

In addition, DTI drivers are part of Dot Foods’ company-wide bonus program and are eligible for both quarterly and annual bonuses. Combine all of this with the fact that DTI offers best-in-class benefits for you and your family, and you’re sure to find that the compensation our drivers receive is first-rate. 

So if you’re a current DTI driver, expect to see a boost to your paychecks beginning in March. And if you’re a prospective driver with a brand new CDL (or even no CDL), then there’s no better time to join DTI than right now! As the foodservice industry continues to rebound and demand for product increases, the need for DTI drivers is greater than ever before. So if you’re ready for a new professional challenge with a growing company and limitless opportunities for growth, consider Dot Transportation.

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