Written by Becky Lawson, Administrative Assistant

Our Dot Foods Idaho fleet has won the President’s Award four out of the last five years. Even though they’ve often had other distribution centers (DC) nipping at their heels, they’ve remained front-runners and brought home the trophy!

Sherry Woods, Director of Transportation in Idaho, shared that there several things they do to continue leading the pack:

  • They kick off each new year with:
      • Smith System Training 
      • G.O.A.L. 360 (Get Out And Look all around the vehicle), and using unique teaching approaches for backing, such as safety cones. 
  • Throughout the year, they continue to focus on safety and training.
  • Before winter starts, they have a winter preparedness training that’s mandatory for all new drivers who were hired during the year. 

In addition to annual training with a focus on safety, other approaches include:

  • Providing recurrent training as soon as possible after an accident occurs
  • Giving drivers enough time to reduce the rush mindset

Because the DCs are quite competitive regarding the President’s Award, those responsible for leading the Idaho team frequently reinforce to drivers that they, the drivers, are in control. By getting out and looking and understanding the big picture, they can prevent many accidents from happening. 

Congratulations to the Idaho Team!

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