Meet Lori

Driver Trainer. 



A Focus On Family

Since starting with Dot Foods, Lori has been able to find the sweet spot between work and life. For Lori, this balance is important because it leaves her with enough time to help take care of her parents. 

“Unfortunately, my dad does have Alzheimer’s, so he’s not quite as functional as he should be. It’s kinda hard to watch your family member go from your father to somebody who doesn’t have an idea of even his own picture.”

Thankfully, due to Dot’s flexible schedule options, Lori has found a schedule that works for her and her family. 

“My mother, she’s phenomenal… [she] has always taught me that if I’m gonna do something, to do it right.”

Lori’s world revolves around her family. And Dot gives her the opportunity to do it right. When she isn’t teaching other drivers the Dot way on the road, she is at home supporting her parents. 

“I take a lot of pride in my job,” said Lori. “Making sure other people understand what their job is… How to do it, how to do it safely, and to get back home.”

Support From Work. Supportive at Home.

“Dot has worked with me to give me the position I need to take care of my parents. I can’t ask for anything better.”

At Dot, we take pride in the support we provide our employees and the supportive, family-like environment our employees create at each of our locations. Our goal is to enable our employees to find the balance between their lives at work and at home. 

“It is a challenge, kind of every day, taking care of mom and dad. But you know deep in your heart that what you’re doing for them is the best,” said Lori. “They’ve been there for me my whole life, so I feel it’s my turn to support them.”

“The good thing about Dot, though, is they’ve allowed me to spend the time I need to with my father to help make sure he has what he needs,” continued Lori. “They understand the needs I have to take care of my parents.”

“Dot has given me the opportunity, put it right in front of me, and all I had to do was jump on it. I’ve been happy ever since!”

Driver Trainer

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