What is a Terminal?

Sep 6, 2023 | 9:05 am

If you look at a map of Dot Foods and Dot Transportation, Inc. locations, of course you’ll see our Mt. Sterling headquarters and 14 regional distribution centers (DCs) across the United States and Canada. But you’ll also see dozens more locations that, frankly, don’t get as much attention, but are just as important to all of us here at DTI.

These locations are known as terminals. And when it comes to getting our drivers as much home time as we can, these terminals are essential.

Generally located a fair distance between two or more DCs, a terminal serves as a kind of DTI headquarters for a region without a DC. While DCs are located in mostly rural areas, terminals are a better fit for urban areas with easy access to major highways (for example, Kansas City and Springfield are two of our largest terminals).

Unlike a DC, terminals have no warehouses, garages, or gate stations and very few employees (if any). In fact, most terminals don’t have buildings on-site at all. So no loading or unloading of product takes place at terminals. The sites simply serve as a space for a driver to start and finish their route. If they choose, they can leave their personal vehicle at the terminal safely until they return at the end of their run.

DTI is home to more than 40 terminal locations across the United States with more popping up every year. These terminals are a benefit to our drivers and the business as a whole for a variety of reasons:

They get our drivers home more frequently:

By operating terminal sites closer to our drivers’ homes, we’re able to keep driver runs shorter, driver schedules more consistent, and driver home time more regular.

Improved recruiting opportunities:

Since DTI drivers typically live within 100 miles of a distribution center, the presence of terminals throughout the country makes DTI a potential employer for an even larger pool of hardworking, prospective drivers.

Relocation options:

The existence of terminals has helped us retain talented drivers who may need to relocate due to a lifestyle change or may just be looking for a change in scenery. With more terminals present, these drivers are often able to stay with DTI

For more information on driving jobs (terminal or DC) near you, visit our career opportunities page, fill out the application, and a recruiter from your region will be in touch.

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