At Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI), we take pride in the stability we offer our employees and their families. Since Dot Foods’ founding in 1960 and DTI’s founding in 1990, we have never had a layoff. Not once.

From salary and benefits to weekly home time, right down to the equipment our drivers drive, DTI offers a great lifestyle and reputable job security—no matter your driving experience.

Our Dot Drivers

Experienced Drivers

Dot values our drivers—and we appreciate your experience. We wouldn’t be able to offer our customers the services we do without having drivers to deliver our products on time and with outstanding customer service.

Drivers with over 200,000 miles of confirmed experience are compensated $1,250 per week of orientation and training.

From day one, you will get:

Your Own Truck

From the first day you start as a Dot driver, you will be given your own truck. That means no sharing space and having equipment consistency while you’re on the road.

Vacation Time Bridge

We will match the vacation time you were receiving at your last employer. Guaranteed.

Health Benefits

You and your family will be covered by Dot’s health insurance—no questions asked.

Guaranteed First-Year Pay

We guarantee that we will have you on the road, driving enough miles and delivering enough loads to ensure you make our promised first-year pay amount.

Student Drivers

DTI actively recruits from accredited truck driving schools nationwide, and we like to reimburse our new hires for their truck driving tuition.

If your schooling has been completed within the past three years at a Dot-approved institution, DTI will reimburse up to $7,000 of your tuition after 90 days of employment, over a three-year time period.

Once you are employed by DTI, you will find that we have one of the best finishing programs in the industry.

Student drivers are compensated $750 per week of orientation and training, which averages about 10 weeks.

Our Compensation

Taking care of our employees and their families is vital to us. That’s why we are proud of our trucker compensation and benefits package. From salary and bonuses to our driving school reimbursement program, we are here to make sure you feel secure and supported.

Our Benefits

Our benefits package features a comprehensive medical plan that includes vision and dental. We also offer all employees a 401(k) plan with company match and a generous profit sharing plan, all of which averages to a Dot contribution of about 7.5 percent per year.

We also know how important family is, so we work hard to ensure our drivers get home time each week. With our precise scheduling system, you will know your route and exactly which day you’ll be back home.

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