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Dot Transportation Driving School: Williamsport, Maryland

Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI) launched our own in-house Class A commercial driver’s license (CDL) driving school program at Dot Foods Maryland. Attend school at our Williamsport distribution center (DC) and immediately become a part of the DTI fleet.

Quick Facts About DTI’s In-House Driving School

Schedule Consistency

Williamsport, Maryland

Today, the DTI driving school is only available at one Dot location. Join our team to be a part of this new program.

Competitive Pay

All-Expenses-Paid Schooling

Stay with DTI for two years and we’ll cover the full cost of your schooling. That’s $3,000 you get to keep. 

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4 Weeks of Paid Schooling

Not only do you avoid paying tuition by attending our driving school, but we’ll pay you $750 per week to be there with us.

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8 Weeks of Paid Training

Once you finish the schooling portion of Dot’s driving school, you’ll hit the road with a driver trainer.

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DTI Driver

“The people have been great,” Clark said. “I’ve never felt this welcome before at any job. The trainers were great. You really bond with people when you’re going through the program. They made me feel so comfortable and confident that I could do this job.”

– Tori Clark, Dot Driving School Graduate

Williamsport, Maryland

Today, we are only admitting drivers to our DTI driving school who live within a 100-mile radius of our Williamsport, Maryland, DC.

Williamsport, Maryland DC
DTI Training

$0 Tuition + Take Home $750 per Week

Unlike other schools, you can make money by attending DTI’s driving school. As long as you stay with DTI for two years, you won’t ever have to worry about paying driving school tuition. Plus, you’ll make $750 per week while attending school and training on the road with one of our driver trainers.

Four Weeks of Schooling

The best part of the DTI driving school program is that it is your CDL schooling and your DTI training and orientation are grouped into one program. You’ll spend the first four weeks of the program in school to earn your Class A CDL. This will include hands-on experience and time out on the yard getting comfortable with Dot’s trucks.

DTI Training
DTI Training

Eight Weeks of Training

Each student will then spend eight weeks behind the wheel of a Dot truck with a driver trainer. While this may seem similar to other training programs, DTI is different. You will be accompanied by a driver trainer—but you won’t be team driving or sitting in the passenger seat. You’ll be behind the wheel the whole time with your trainer guiding you along the way.

CDL Schooling Worth $3,000

Our driving school tuition is worth $3,000. When you get hired on as a full-time driver with DTI, you do not have to pay tuition—instead, we pay you $750/week! But, you will sign a contract that states your commitment to drive with us for two years. If you terminate that contract early, you will owe DTI the $3,000 of CDL school tuition.

Paid Schooling

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We are starting a new session of students each month. Apply today to join our next cohort and become a Dot driver within weeks!

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