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What Is a Terminal?

A terminal is a connection and transfer facility where Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI) drivers can transfer truckloads of product to other DTI drivers. Terminal locations allow Dot’s dispatch team to route loads in the correct direction and help get our drivers home weekly by preventing cross-country trips. 

Long story, short? A terminal is a piece of land or a parking lot—occasionally with a brick and mortar building—where Dot drivers can rendezvous and swap trailers. Each Dot terminal is aligned with a Dot distribution center (DC), meaning terminal drivers still get access to great in-house resources and support teams we have available.

How Terminals Help Dot Move Product

Schedule Consistency

Adds Dot Locations Closer to Our Partners

Dot has customers in all corners of the country, but we don’t always put DCs in every location that may be logistically convenient. That’s where terminals come in. When we have terminal locations, it enables us to better serve our business partners and hire top-tier drivers like you from all over the country.

Competitive Pay

Gets DTI Drivers
Home Weekly

One of the big benefits of terminal locations for drivers is that it allows DTI to hold to our promise of keeping our jobs regional and getting our drivers home weekly. Since our drivers can do more drop and hooks at terminal locations, it means they don’t have to drive across the country to deliver products.

Job Security

Grows the
DTI Fleet

To continue growing and servicing our customers to the best of our abilities, we have to offer more locations in a variety of areas and hire more drivers. Adding terminal locations helps us grow our fleet and add more drivers to the Dot Transportation team.

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What Being a Terminal Driver Means for You

Being a terminal driver isn’t all that different from being a DC driver. But there are a few differences:

Terminal Driver
  • Expected that terminal drivers take more personal responsibility for the location
  • Tend to be located in more urban or suburban areas
  • No gate station
  • Regular phone communication with DTI leadership and managers
  • Regular truck maintenance scheduled for your next Dot DC visit so it can be completed by Dot’s in-house garage team
  • Develop a tight-knit relationship with your terminal cohort of drivers
Distribution Center Driver
  • Continuously return to your home DC
  • Tend to be located in more rural areas
  • Have access to a gate station, driver lounge, full warehouse to dock at, and in-house garage
  • Regular face-to-face communication with DTI leadership and managers
Both Terminal & DC Drivers

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