At Dot Transportation, we are nothing without our drivers. And while some drivers join the Dot team with decades of experience and hundreds of thousands of miles under their belts, many of our professional drivers begin their careers here and log their very first mile behind the wheel of one of our iconic blue and white rigs (after a thorough training and driver orientation, of course).

And just as they would for any professional driving job, Dot drivers are required to earn their commercial driver’s license before officially kicking off their driving career. That being said, we are more than happy to work with aspiring drivers to help them train for this test and gain the necessary skills and knowledge to make it as a responsible commercial driver. Our training and orientation program spans multiple weeks of in-classroom and on-the-road training alongside some of our most qualified driver trainers.

And the best part? Future Dot drivers are privy to a few extra perks when it comes to earning their CDL; perks you’re not likely to find with other trucking companies. Here’s a little background on some of the questions we’re often asked regarding CDL schooling:

How much does CDL training cost?

Well typically, CDL school can run you upwards of $3,000 depending on your truck driving school of choice. However, that’s NOT the case for aspiring Dot drivers. Dot Transportation applicants who are approved and hired on as driver students don’t have to worry about CDL tuition costs in the slightest. And that’s because Dot Transportation will cover the costs of your CDL training! And in many cases, we’ll even pay you $750 a week while you train!

Where do I go for CDL training?

Several of our regions run their own DTI driving schools right out of our distribution centers. Students in these programs will receive hands-on training from our very own driving instructors. Currently, we offer in-house training in the following distribution centers: Georgia, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

And what if I don’t live in one of those regions?

No problem! Every one of our distribution centers (including those with in-house driving schools) partner with local Dot-approved truck driver training institutions. These locations include area trade schools or technical colleges, community colleges, or facilities uniquely specific to CDL-training.

What If I Already Have My CDL?

Good question! Experienced drivers with CDLs in hand are certainly ahead of the game and permitted to skip steps related specifically to obtaining a CDL. You’re still required to go through the first week of “Dot 101” classroom training just like everyone else in order to become more familiar with the Dot brand and mission. But after that, you’ll be out on the road. We still ask that you complete a couple of weeks (three at most) alongside a driver trainer while you learn the ropes of the business, but  once that’s complete, you’ll be out on the road as a full-time solo driver (roughly the same time your newly-hired peers from Dot 101 week will be gearing up for their own CDL tests).

So if your CDL has yet to be earned, or if it’s still warm from the printer, or if it’s been in hand for a quarter million miles, you might just find that Dot Transportation is where you want to be for the next stage of your professional driving career. Learn more about training and orientation, our in-house driving schools, or other truck driving school programs. And if you’re ready, click the Apply Now button and we’ll be in touch!